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  1. Consider Size First: When picking the perfect sofa its important to make sure you know exactly just how much room you want your new sofa to take up. Are there any other furniture that is in the living room? Coffee table? Chairs? If this is the case, then a simple sofa, or an L-shape sofa would fit best. If you are looking for a sofa that is going to be the focus point of the room them opt in for a more round sofa shape that takes up more space and allows a lot more seating. If your living space is on the cosier then it’s clear a smaller sofa would be needed. With less space, means any sofa is going to be the vocal point of the room. So it’s important to pick something that is realistic but also holds a strong design that compliments the rest of the room.
  2. Plan the layout: This all comes down to how you want the room to represent your lifestyle. What do you do most in the room? Do you like to wind down in front of the TV? Do you like to host? Create a semi circle around a central table to make the room have a 'hosting' feel.

Top tip: Make sure your sofa fits through your front door! Sounds silly but 90% of returns are due to people not measuring the space it’s going into…

3.Choose a style that complements your home: It can be hard to have your living room looking complete. Dont feel scared if you dont know what is 'your' style, just go with the first instinct you get! Modern homes tend to suit low-level sofas with clean lines but if you are seeking that traditional, timeless style then go for a sofa with decorative legs and scroll arms. The average ‘shelf-life’ of a sofa is 5-10 years so keep in mind how the colour and pattern will date over time.

  1. Quality: Quality can be a difficult thing to determine, as how do you really know how long it’s going to last? We all know sofa’s aren’t the cheapest to buy, some of us have to save up for a long time, so choosing the right one can take some time to find the perfect one! Upholstered in velvet is sure to compliment a wide array of interiors. Having Upholstered fabric means it’s easy to clean! Perfect if you have any new additions adding to the household! Make sure your brand new sofa has a sturdy frame! This will reassure you that your sofa is going to last you a very long time. Ideally look for a hardwood framed sofa. And remember any piece of furniture, whether it’s a sofa or a bed, that is going to support your body needs to be of a certain standard. Invest in your back.




  1. Read the About page: All furniture website will have a 'About us' page. The better online retailers provide details about their company(ies) including their history and customer service. It should also include their phone number, email address or address. Reputable companies will always provide ways for anyone to contact them offline.
  2. Check returns policy: Websites should have clear return policies. Online retailers usually give at least 14 days to return an item in unopened and original packaging. Some stores require that customers cover the cost of return shipping, which can vary in price depending on the size of the furniture.
  3. Find a store that matches your style: Some retailers like eBay and Amazon offer so many different versatile products that cover the full spectrum of decor styles. However, most online based companies reflect the websites dedication to a particular style. For example, some online based stores carry more of a traditional pieces and have products that speaks more loudly to a buyer with a traditional sense of style. When searching for a furniture store try and look for something that is going to appeal your style. this way you will be able to browse through products that appeal to you more
  4. Read the description: Aren't we all guilty of scan reading information that was actually something we should of thoroughly read? If you are buying a product, don’t make this mistake. Read descriptions completely of you want to buy. There is nothing more frustrating that your order arriving and its not what you thought all because the description wasn’t read. This is especially important when it comes to the measurements of the product. Dont assume that a product can fit anywhere you want it to go. Make sure to double check your room measurements for the length and width of the furniture.

pro tip: if the site doesn’t offer measurements for the item you are interested in, you can simply call the number that is provided by the company or (if online based) type a message to one of their representatives through social media.




  1. No Technology: It’s important to have a room in the house that you just associate with sleep. If there are distractions in the room maybe it’s time to remove these. As much as you enjoy to watch TV in bed, catch up on your phone with all your social media profiles its best to do this away from the bedroom. This will allow you to have pure relaxation without the distractions! Your brain activity is more active when you are on your phone, so shutting off technology 2 hours before bed is your best idea!
  2. Do you have physical symptoms? We have all been there with our sinuses blocked to the brim and appreciating life with 2 clear nostrils, but it happens! Physical health problems can have a massive impact on getting a good night’s sleep. It can be especially easy to forget with minor symptoms, but you will thank yourself when it is time to go to sleep when you have prioritized speaking to a doctor and receiving the appropriate medication for symptoms.
  3. It may sound like common sense, but with the scorching hot weather I’m sure sleep has been uncomfortable if not definitely disruptive. If you share your bed with a partner with different temperature preferences think about exchanging your quilt to 2 blankets. This way you have a whole blanket to yourself and it’s not as heavy as a quilt. Fans are a great product to invest in, if heat effects your sleep. Id recommend going for one that air conditions the whole room while also having a timer, this way you can leave the fan on and it will turn off without you having to do it yourself.
  4. Stop Worrying: Its easier said than done, I know. Learning how to relax both your body and your mind will help you to fall asleep much more easily. Finding ways to deal with worry always comes down to the individual. You may find it helps writing down your worrys before bed? Reading a book? Organizing your plan for the next day? Yoga? Meditating? It's completely down to the individual. There are so many apps out there to help with anxiety like Headspace or maybe a podcast?